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Howís your computer running? Is it so slow you have time to make a cuppa and bake a cake while it starts? Are you getting annoying popups while surfing letting you know that youíve won yet another fortune? Or maybe your computer seems to have a mind of its own and is doing some pretty weird stuff. These are some of the signs that your computer may have an infection of some sort.

The majority of computer repair callouts are for virus and malware removal. So I thought Iíd offer some suggestions to help you avoid your computer becoming another statistic.


Good internet security requires a multi pronged approach.

  • You need a good firewall. Itís possible that if you have a broadband connection your modem may include a built in firewall. These hardware based firewalls provide great protection but Iíve seen quite a few that have the firewall option disabled by default. You can also have a software based firewall. Since XP, Windows has included its own firewall and many of the internet security programs come with one as well. It doesnít hurt to run both software and hardware based firewalls together.

  • Use a trusted anti-virus program and ensure it is up to date. While your anti-virus program should update itself automatically check the status yourself occasionally. The better anti-virus programs will come as part of an internet security suite that include added security for firewall, spam, browsing, malware and identity theft.

  • Allow Windows and other known and trusted applications to install security and critical updates.

  • Perhaps the most important protection of all is developing good browsing habits and awareness.  But thatís another topic in its own right.

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